Insurance for Landlords

Insurance for Landlords with Cannabis Business Tenants!

Standard Insurance companies do not provide insurance coverage to landlords who own buildings that are leased to the cannabis businesses.

Every day landlords lease space to a cultivators, dispensaries or infused product manufacturers and then at renewal time their policy is insurance cancelled. We can help.

Benefits of Landlords Having Insurance for Cannabis Tenants

Whether you have a storefront, warehouse or greenhouse, here’s what you need to know going in:

  • Admitted carriers will not insure cannabis operations or the buildings housing them.
  • Some other carriers might insure your leased or owned buildings – ask and see.
  • Policies provided by A-rated carriers accepting cannabis operations ARE available.
For Landlords -Two Considerations:

Most lessors require proof of property and liability insurance before giving new tenants access to the building.  This is wise, and likely required under the terms of their lessor’s risk policy.

And, your landlord’s current carrier will likely cancel their policy due to the cannabis operation tenancy.  We can accommodate them with Lessor’s Risk policies equal to their current coverage.


If your building is going to be undergoing several months of renovations, obtain liability coverage by being named as an additional insured on your general contractor’s policy.

  • We can provide Builder’s Risk policies to cover the value of the materials and equipment at the site.
  • When you are 30 days out we can begin GL and property coverage via our cannabis operations carrier.

Landlords of Cannabis Business Tenants

  • Dispensaries: We have carriers who understand this to be a simple retail use.
  • Indoor Grows -Warehouses, Pole Barns and Other Structures: Indoor agriculture poses several potential risks, especially for losses due to water, mold, or fire.  There are few markets, but we know who they are and can place your coverage at a reasonable rate.
  • Greenhouse Grows: We insure all structures, from hoop and polyfilm units to site-engineered and built greenhouses
  • Infusion/Extraction Operations:
    • Kitchens and manufacturing operations of all types
    • Closed-Loop Extraction operations require a state-approved blast room


Insurance for Landlords June 19, 2015

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