Cannabis Business Insurance

Premier Dispensary Insurance is a leading provider of cannabis business insurance by offering comprehensive and cost-effective policies. Our policies are specifically designed for dispensary owners, cultivators, infusion centers, extraction operations, physicians and building owners leasing to cannabis businesses.

Our licensed professionals protect your business so you can focus on what you do best - serving clients.

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Has your insurance been canceled or not renewed?

If you are insured by Lloyd’s of London, do not get caught off guard when they cancel your insurance. Premier Dispensary Insurance can write your insurance. Don't risk your investment with no insurance on your cannabis business. Call us today at 1-855-507-2622.


Dispensary Insurance

Protect your investment, a fire or break-in could put you out of business for an extended time, or even permanently.


Cultivation Insurance

Protect your crops with coverage insuring against loss of your cultivation operation during all stages of the growing cycle.


Landlord Insurance

Standard Insurance companies do not provide insurance coverage to landlords who own buildings that are leased to the cannabis businesses.

Arizona Agent

Doug Banfelder
Scottsdale AZ

Nevada Agent

CeCe Stanton
Reno, Nevada